ARROW Dead Panic October 29, 2014


The zombie apocalypse is here and you and your friends are left to fend for yourselves in a remote cabin in the woods. There are eight different characters to choose from, each that will provide a lot of variety for the players. In order to fend off the zombie horde the players use cabin cards that will include plenty of weapons to demolish your flesh-eating foes. There also items that the players can find that will give the them more benefits and a better chance to survive.

For me, the most interesting mechanic is that when you die you don’t lose. You just switch sides and become a zombie instead, giving an increase in difficulty the more players fall. Also, once the Cabin Deck is gone, it's gone so you have to use the weapons sparingly. The zombies are spawned via the Zombie deck and will move closer to the cabin each turn and once they are inside you have a problem. The way you win the game is rebuild the radio and call for your rescue. Once the radio is fixed, the rescue will team will come and once the party is loaded and van has left, you win.

This is a great game to play with some friends when you are looking to blow off some steam and don’t want to have to think too much. The game is simple: pretty much destroy zombies and get to the van. The strategy element of the game comes into play with who among you goes to get the radio and why they should be the one to do it? The game offers a good hour a game-play that’s full of Zombie Fun!!!

Can you survive the Dead Panic?

Come into the shop and find out for yourself. You can find Dead Panic on our demo shelf now.

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