It’s Huge! It’s Enormous! It’s Gigantic! It’s Epic!

It’s Huge!  It’s Enormous!  It’s Gigantic!  It’s Epic!

And it’s absolutely tiny…


Welcome to Dave’s Workbench, where a regular guy tells you a little about the hobby project that he is working on currently.  Fair warning, I’m no competition painter.  Heck, I think I just barely manage to hit an ok Tabletop Standard.  But I enjoy it, and that’s all that matters in the end.


Today, let’s talk about the biggest and smallest single project I have worked on…  About a year ago, Warlord Games released its first product in its new Epic Scale.  Epic Battles:  American Civil War.  I’m a big fan of the Warlord Games Black Powder rules system, and I’m fascinated by the battles of the American Civil War, so it was a no brainer purchase for me.  

If you are interested in purchasing American Civil War click HERE 

But what makes it really stand out, is the scale.  Warlord has introduced us to their Epic Scale, which measures about 13.5mm.  This much smaller scale allows for quite large battles with Regiments and Brigades in line formations wheeling and flanking each other.  If you’ve ever wanted to wargame such large battles, but don’t have the space to do them in 28mm (who does?), Epic Battles might be for you.

In the box, you get 24 Regiments of high quality and nicely detailed troops, 24 Artillery Batteries, 24 Mounted Officers, some laser cut wood Terrain, an A5 sized paper back Black Powder rule book, and a supplement rules book to help wargame the American Civil War in such an epic way.


If you’re anything like me, you’re used to painting 28mm miniatures (or more like 32mm for you Warhammer folks) for your table top battles,  these are much much smaller…

28mm Bolt Action American Infantryman next to an Epic Scale Mounted Officer

Surprisingly, this smaller size is actually pretty easy to paint, and in some ways much easier than the larger 28mm scale.  All you really need is a good brush with a nice sharp tip.  Not a tiny brush, just a good one.  We will talk about brushes some other time.

The starter set, linked above, comes with 24 sprues.

There is quite a bit to paint in the Starter Set, so if you enjoy that aspect of the Hobby, it’s a gold mine.  If painting isn’t really your thing, the sprues are molded half in Blue and half in Gray, no painting required to play the game.

So far, I’ve painted up 3 Union Infantry Regiments, 3 Artillery Batteries, 1 Mounted Union Officer, and 1 Confederate Regiment.  Basing and flags are yet to be added.


So, I have a ways to go yet on this project, but when I am done and the Federals finally take the field to bring the Rebels back into the Union…  It’s going to be Epic…

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