Hobby Brush Set: Starter Set TAP TL5044
3 brushes for any paint task. Triangular precision grip ensures perfect control. Best quality synthetic hair for the perfect paint job.
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The Army Painter Wargaming Set: Starter Set TAP ST5115
This set gives you all the physical tools you need to inflict tabletop devastation on your enemies. The rest is up to your wits. The Wargaming Set is comprised of: the `Markerlight` laser pointer, the `Targetlock` laser line, the `Rangefinder`...
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Hobby Set: Starter Set TAP WP8032
The Hobby Set has everything a wargamer and painter could want - all in one box! From assembling to painting - this set can do it all. With The Army Painter tools, glue, paints and brushes, including a basecoat primer,...
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