Hero Realms: Playmat - Rampage WWG 511
This large neoprene playmat supports up to six players and includes space for the Market Deck, Market, Fire Gems, and Sacrifice Pile. It measures 24” x 14” (61cm x 35.5cm).  
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Sorcerer: Dice Set (Regular) WWG 706
Extra dice help to speed up multiplayer games. Includes a D8 and 7 Combat Dice with custom symbols: pentagrams, double skulls, and single skulls.7x 16mm Sorcerer battle dice and 1x 20mm 8-sided energy die. This product requires the Sorcerer Base Game.  
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Sorcerer: Extra Player Board - Standard Art WWG 705
This extra player board will allow you to add another player to your Sorcerer battles.This product requires the Sorcerer Base Game.  
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