Medium Layer: Citadel Brush GAW 63-22
This medium brush (M Layer) - perfect for layering - is hand made, with pure sable bristles in a fine point meaning exceptional control over details. The size makes it perfect for layering surfaces, and getting those effects that make...
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Medium Shade: Citadel Brush GAW 63-16
A round brush with a point designed for detailed shading, this brush (M Shade) features a synthetic and sable bristle blend for maximum paint retention, with an optimised bristle length allowing immediate, impressive results.
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Small Layer: Citadel Brush GAW 63-21
This small brush (S Layer) - perfect for layering - is hand made, with pure sable bristles in a fine point meaning exceptional control - sometimes the tiniest details make a huge difference, and this brush has been designed to...
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Citadel: Essential Set GAW 60-12-13
Questo set è l'introduzione perfetta per collezionare, assemblare e dipingere le miniature Citadel, e fornisce ai novizi tutto quello di cui hanno bisogno per iniziare ad assemblare e dipingere i loro modelli di Warhammer 40,000. È l'ideale per i contenuti...
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Small Base: Citadel Brush GAW 63-12
This small brush (S Base), ideal for basecoating features a blend of synthetic and sable bristles, and holds a fine point allowing you to reach those tricky areas and achieve a great result.
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Small Artificer Layer : Citadel Brush GAW 63-28
Made from the highest-quality sable hair, the Artificer range are the best layering brushes money can buy. Supplied with a plastic tube to guard it against the elements when not in use, the S Layer Artificer brush can really help...
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Large Shade: Citadel Brush GAW 63-17
This brush (L Shade) holds a huge amount of paint, meaning a faster, more consistent coverage when shading your Citadel miniatures. The ox hair bristles have been chosen specifically for their ability to hold as much paint as possible -...
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Small Dry: Citadel Brush GAW 63-18
This small brush (S Dry) features a light ox hair and synthetic blend of bristles for stiffness and durability. The flat profile means a consistent coverage on raised areas - ideal for drybrushing!  
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Wound Trackers GAW 40-47
Many of the large vehicles and monsters in Warhammer 40,000 have a large Wounds stat, meaning sometimes keeping track of them can run away from you. Ideal for tracking wounds to your units during games, the Warhammer 40,000 Wound Trackers...
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Citadel Painting Handle XL GAW 66-15
Designed for painters, by painters, the Citadel Painting Handle makes it much, much easier to hold your miniatures securely while painting them. It allows you to find the perfect angle from which to reach every part of your model while...
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Citadel Hobby Drill GAW 66-64
The Citadel Hobby Drill is used for pinning together parts of Citadel miniatures that may need a little extra support, like securing the huge skeletal wings of the Zombie dragon onto it’s body. It is also great for creating holes...
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XS Artificer Layer: Citadel Brush GAW 63-23
Made from the highest-quality sable hair, the XS Artificer Layer is the best layering brush money can buy. Supplied with a plastic tube to guard it against the elements when not in use, this brush can really help you achieve...
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Large Base: Citadel Brush GAW 63-14
Composed of entirely synthetic bristles for durability (this brush will see a lot of use!) and ideal for basecoating, this brush (L Base) features a large, wide side and a fine pointed edge - ideal for both fast coverage and...
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Citadel Palette Pad GAW 60-36
The Citadel Palette Pad contains 20 disposable painting palettes. The plastic paper pages that form each palette are bound together on one edge. Once you have finished using a palette simply tear it out of the pad and pop it...
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XL Base: Citadel Brush: GAW 63-15
Entirely synthetic for extra durability, this extra large brush (XL Base) features the biggest size for the largest areas. The large, wide side and fine pointed edge mean you’ll basecoat your miniatures in no time.
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Medium Glaze: Citadel Brush GAW 63-24
Featuring synthetic bristles for optimal shape retention and the finest point, this medium brush (M Glaze) will make short work of applying Citadel Glaze paints to your miniatures. Detail work is made quick and easy - you’ll be amazed by...
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Lumineth Realm-Lords Warhammer Age of Sigmar Launch Set
The battlefield glows bright as the Lumineth go to war. These elegant aelves hail from Hysh, the Realm of Light, where enlightening magic surges in the air itself. Able to channel arcane power through the marvel of aetherquartz, they are...
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Beastgrave Gift Pack: Warhammer Underworlds GAW 110-84
Looking for the perfect present for the Warhammer Underworlds player in your life? Just want to give your own decks a boost? The Warhammer Underworlds: Beastgrave Gift Pack is for you – a deluxe set jam-packed with goodies. Enhance any deck...
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Carry Case - Warhammer Underworlds: Beastgrave GAW 110-83
Get your deck, models and tokens to your next Grand Clash (or just a game at a friend’s house!) with the Beastgrave Carry Case. This highly portable case is compact, tough and designed to hold everything you need to play...
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