Ace: Cygnar - Warjack PIP 31108
Designed in secret by the Cygnaran Armory to carry out covert operations for the Cygnaran Reconnaissance Service, Ace was built as a one-of-a-kind prototype. The machine integrated an experimental mechanikal device intended to camouflage the warjack, rendering it almost invisible...
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Commander Coleman Stryker: Cygnar - Warcaster PIP 31084
Though Commander Stryker sees himself as just another soldier fighting for the crown, he is one of the greatest warriors of Cygnar. His young age may deceive some into believing he has not earned his rank compared to the aged...
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Commander Dalin Sturgis: Cygnar - Warcaster PIP 31113
Commander Dalin Sturgis is a master duelist who believes in leading his troops from the front lines. Nimble and deadly, he has honed his impressive combat skills to lend support to his warjacks and soldiers even as he surges across...
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Journeyman Lietenant Allister Caine: Cygnar - Solo PIP 92043
Before Allister Caine was acknowledged as a full warcaster and promoted to captain…before he was later demoted to lieutenant for acts unbecoming of an officer…and well before he was then promoted to captain again, he was given the rank of...
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Lord General Coleman Stryker: Cygnar Epic Cavalry Warcaster PIP 31103
Promoted to the rank of Lord General, Coleman Stryker leads his Storm Division with unquestioned authority. Stryker commands his soldiers from the front lines, spurring his mount Valorous onward as he charges Cygnar's enemies alongside his loyal Storm Lances. At...
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Major Markus "Siege" Brisbane: Cygnar - Warcaster PIP 31098
A professional soldier with more field experience than virtually any other warcaster in the Cygnaran Army, Major Markus Brisbane is famous among Cygnaran troops for his ability to lead from the front and infamous among his enemies for his ability...
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Sword Knights: Cygnar - Unit PIP 31106
Among the oldest of the knightly orders in western Immoren, the legendary Sword Knights are one of the cornerstones of Cygnar's armies. Since the advent of the warjack, the Sword Knights have adapted their time-honored tactics to deal with monsters...
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