Cypher System: Character Portfolio MKG 215
A lot can happen in a campaign. Your character is more than a collection of numbers they have a story to tell, details to record, and friends (and adversaries!) to note. The Cypher System Character Portfolio does the job of...
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Cypher System: The Stars Are Fire MKG 209
A starship of unknown provenance, adrift and powerless, falls into a nearby orbit. An alien disease causes people to slowly lose interest in life—then take root like a plant. An envoy from another dimension brings warning of a pending catastrophe—but...
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Cypher System: We Are All Mad Here MKG 212
Jack climbing the beanstalk. The little mermaid finding her voice. Alice struggling with the madness of a place unruled by the laws of reality. The queen. The child. The woodsman. The knight. When you think about fairy tales, who do...
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