Fiona the Black: Mercenaries - Warcaster PIP 41110
An unabashed Thamarite, Fiona the Black brazenly displays her devotion to that widely loathed goddess and takes pride in having liberated herself from quaint, conventional notions of morality. She has found a home among the pirates and privateers of the...
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Gastone Crosse: Mercenaries - Solo PIP 41111
A natural at hit-and-run tactics, the bitter, reckless Gastone Crosse prefers to strike from a distance, whether with his powerful mechanikal pistol Soul Reaver or the cannons of his warjacks. He lends his arcane power to extending the range of...
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Greygore Boomhowler & Co.: Mercenaries - Unit PIP 41107
Led by the legendary Trollkin fell caller Greygore Boomhowler, this mercenary company can match lead and steel with any regiment of soldiers in the Iron Kingdoms. The brutal combination of Greygore’s devastatingly ear-splitting cries and the natural resilience and tenacity...
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Savio Montero Acosta: Mercenaries - Solo PIP 41132
The Ordsman Savio Montero Acosta is determined to test himself against the finest melee combatants the Iron Kingdoms has to offer in his relentless pursuit of martial transcendence. As an unabashed Thamarite and a master swordsman, Acosta regards perfecting his...
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