French Army 75mm Light Artillery: Bolt Action WLG WGB-FI-25
The famous seventy five millimetre gun of the Great War served France and other countries well in the Second World War too. Used extensively throughout the war this model was reliable and could take on bombardments or anti tank duties. • 1 Artillery...
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French Army MMG Team: Bolt Action WLG WGB-FI-23
The classic Hotchkiss medium machine gun had served France well in the Great war, and went on again, as did the Vickers in the British army to give solid reliable firepower to companies in defence and supporting fire on the...
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Senegalese Tirailleurs Infantry Section: Bolt Action WLG WGB-FI-03
West African troops from France,s colonies provided fierce and loyal troops to the French army in two World Wars. Though raised across France's territories in west, central and east Africa, they took the title Senegalese in honour of the first...
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