German Heavy Panzerschreck Team: Konflikt '47 WLG 453010203
The panzerschreck was a German development of the bazooka, firing a large calibre shaped-charge rocket projectile. A blast shield was fitted to the weapon to protect the firer, giving it its distinctive appearance. Carrying an even heavier version of the...
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German Pz IV-X: Konflikt '47 WLG 452410203
The Panzer IV chassis proved ideal for experimenting with new weapons derived from Rift-tech. The most prominent of these is the Panzer IV X that mounts a gravity pulse cannon (the Schwerefeld Projektor). Still only produced in limited numbers, its...
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German Heavy Infantry KF'47: Konflikt '47 WLG 452210201
Rift-tech was rapidly used in the development of heavy armour for the Wehrmacht to ensure casualties in intense operations were kept to a minimum. One of the first nations to introduce heavy personal armour, it is effective and provided a...
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