Magic the Gathering CCG: Core 2019 Booster Display (36) WOC C43890000
Your Core Set 2019 booster box contains 36 booster packs. Each pack contains 1 rare or mythic rare card, 3 uncommon cards, 10 common cards, and 1 basic land card. Core Set 2019 contains destructive goblin mischief, diabolical dragon supervillainy, and epic planeswalkers. Pick...
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Magic the Gathering CCG: Core 2021 Booster Display WOC C75030000
Your Core Set 2021 booster box has 36 Draft Booster Packs to help fill your deck with classic cards from Magic: The Gathering’s Core Set 2021 (M21).
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Magic the Gathering CCG: Core 2021 Bundle WOC C75070000
Each Core Set 2021 Bundle includes: 10 Booster Packs, 40 lands (20 foil, 20 regular), a foil promo card, 1 oversized spindown life counter, 2 reference cards, and 1 reusable storage box.  
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