Dead Reign RPG PAL 0230
Experience the nightmare of being stalked by the living dead. Who can you trust? Where can you go to be safe? How do you fight the dead? Find out in Dead Reign - a complete role-playing game that captures the horror, suspense...
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Dead Reign: Sourcebook Four - Fear the Reaper PAL 0234
Like knights mounted on motorcycles, the Road Reapers travel the wasteland that Earth has become, searching for survivors, fighting zombies and waging war against the Death Cults that threaten all mankind. This epic sourcebook explores the nature of heroes and...
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Dead Reign: Sourcebook One - Civilization Gone PAL 0231
More zombie encounters, more zombie combat tips, more human resources, madmen and maniacs, tables, and adventure! Cover by E.M. Gist. Art by Nick Bradshaw, Amy Ashbaugh and others. Written by Kevin Siembieda and others. 64 pages   
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