Aristeia! Fullmetal Kozmo CVB CBARI30
Get ready to fight against the most popular skin of all time: Fullmetal Kozmo! Winner of the Most Wanted Skin Award on Twitter. This is a metal miniature and an alternative version of the character from Smoke & Mirrors Aristeia!’s...
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Aristeia! Reckless Hearts CVB CBARI35
From one of the Human Sphere ends comes Axl Steel, a fighter who practices a strange martial discipline, quite a mix of kickboxing, classic boxing and judo. During all his life, Axl has worked in one of the many orbital...
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Aristeia! The Corregidor Praesidio Arena CVB CBARI33
The Core Box’s HexaDome original design in neoprene format: so much easier to transport. The HexaDome released with the Core Box owes its name to the Praesidio module in the nomadic mothership of Corregidor, where the illegal circuit of fights...
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