Beautiful Butterflies CFK 1206000
Decorate your room with beautiful tulle butterflies. This deluxe set includes 3 butterflies in sizes ranging from 7” to 11”. So easy to do! Just decorate them with the included rhinestones and glitter paint. A simple craft with beautiful results....
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Quick Stitch Banner - Kids Cross Stitch Rainbow Kit CFK 6255000
Create your own positive affirmation banner. Includes everything you need to “quick stitch” this cute, quotable craft.A pre-printed canvas, adhesive-backed accents and darning needle make this project fun and frustration-free.Accessorize the banner with rhinestones, a puffy cloud, pompom raindrops and...
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Sequin Drawing CFK 6142000
Draw again and again with this sequin fabric that allows for “drawing” and “erasing” of messages. Drawing in sequins is much like drawing in sand - relaxing, soothing, calming and fun! Plus, you can erase and start over at any...
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