The Stygian Society: The Cursed Library APE 3320

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APE 3320
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Scott Almes (The Great Dinosaur Rush) has created an entirely new Stygian Society experience with The Cursed Library.

The heroes are famous authors trying to fight their way through the Cursed Library in an attempt to defeat the villain who had brought the authors’ vilest characters to life. As they progress through the library and defeat foes, they can recruit good characters using ink. These characters will fight on behalf of the heroes, but are just as susceptible to damage, so the heroes must fight wisely as they climb.

The big change in this module is using ink instead of experience. When an enemy is defeated, the party now controls the book. In the game sense, this means the book is flipped over from the ‘bad’ side to the ‘good’ side, and the players can then take control of the good character by spending ink. These goods characters can help fight, and using them will be critical to bringing the library to order.

  • 1-4 players
  • ages 12+
  • 30 minutes per player


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