Armodax: Monsterpocalypse - Terrasaurs Monster PIP 51022
Though the Terrasaurs have shown a remarkable willingness to fight alongside Earth’s other defenders, some are trickier to work with than others. Armodax is a hulking monster covered in armored plates and boasting a weighty clubbed tail that serves better...
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General Hondo: Monsterpocalypse - Empire of the Apes Monster PIP 51060
Though he is not their king, General Hondo is the Empire of the Apes’ greatest military leader. Hondo is responsible for the widespread seizure and deployment of human military hardware by ape troops fighting Earth’s potential destroyers. He is also...
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Rogzor: Monsterpocalypse - Planer Eaters Monster PIP 51020
Those who thought they had seen the worst the Planet Eaters had to offer when they witnessed Gorghadra had yet to behold the terror brought by the one called Rogzor. This creature’s every action seems to defy known physics as...
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Zor: Maxim: Monsterpocalypse -Shadow Sun Syndicate Monster PIP 51007
The Shadow Sun Syndicate’s biomorphic and cybernetic nanotechnology is nowhere better represented than with Zor-Maxim, one of the leaders of the zors. These highly skilled and augmented humans wear high-tech armored suits capable of morphing their wearers almost instantly into...
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