Are You The Traitor? (Deck) LOO 037
Are You the Traitor?A Deception Party Game from the makers of Fluxx! It's the moment of truth in your quest to destroy the Evil magic Key. Your band of adventurers faces two Wizards: an Evil Wizard who wants to use...
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Just Desserts LOO 065
Just DessertsThe Card Game of Serving Sweets! Looney Labs has created a sweet card game all about serving some very picky guests. No soup, no salad, no entree... it's just desserts! Compete with your fellow waiters to serve guests their...
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Mad Libs: The Game LOO 072
Mad Libs: The GameSince its creation in 1958, Mad Libs has become the world's most popular word game, with over 125 million Mad Libs in print. And now, Looney Labs has turned it into Mad Libs: The Game—a party game...
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Nanofictionary Blanks Expansion Pack LOO 089
The card game of telling tiny stories is all about making up your own fun tales… so what could be better than creating your own custom cards to add into the mix? Nanofictionary was even designed to accommodate such creativity…the game was...
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Pyramid Primer #1 Guidebook LOO 054-S
This 32 page book/magazine contains the rules to all 13 of the games promoted in the Pocket Guide to Looney Tunes Pyramids which is included in both the Ice Dice and Treehouse Game Bags as well as the Pyramids Expansion...
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