Heroes Unlimited RPG: Aliens Unlimited Galaxy Guide PAL 0519

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PAL 0519
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Role-Playing Game
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Highlights Include:

  • Spaceship construction rules.
  • Space travel and combat rules.
  • New skills and skill programs.
  • New alien races, monsters and menaces.
  • More information on old enemies like the Raithenor.
  • More on the Atorian Empire and the TMC.
  • Galactic time-line and overview of the galaxy.
  • Key places and adventure ideas.
  • Cat. No. 519
  • Page Count: 224 pages.
  • Cover by: Wayne Breaux Jr.
  • Interior Art: Wilson, Williams, and Breaux.
  • Written by: Wayne Breaux Jr. with additional text by Coffin & Siembieda.


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