Journeyman Lietenant Allister Caine: Cygnar - Solo PIP 92043

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PIP 92043
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Before Allister Caine was acknowledged as a full warcaster and promoted to captain…before he was later demoted to lieutenant for acts unbecoming of an officer…and well before he was then promoted to captain again, he was given the rank of lieutenant as a journeyman warcaster, one who was already earning fame as a gun mage and pistoleer without equal. Even before he had learned to fully harness his potential, he had become a rising star in the Tempest Academy, a young man so deadly with a pair of magelocks that his superiors were forced to overlook his many failings in terms of discipline and insubordination. This was a youth destined to become a premier weapon in Cygnar’s arsenal, with or without his cooperation.

Faction: Cygnar
Class: Model
Game Class: Model
Material: Metal
Model Type: Solo


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