Meet the Team

Meat the team working hard to provide you exceptional service at The Hidden Lair


" I was born and raised in Mount Zion Illinois and I am a long time gamer. I was a regular patron of The Hidden Lair for years before joining the team as Director of Operations three years ago. A big fan of miniature games, especially WW2 Era and Napoleonics. I enjoy the entire experience, from assembling and painting the miniatures to building terrain for the game tables and actually playing the games.


"I have been working at The Hidden Lair for 6 months as an Administrative Assistant. I do a lot of customer service and order management along with some other duties. My favorite part of The Hidden Lair is the board games! As a kid my family always played board games together. It is such a fun way to spend time with people, and take a technology break. A fun fact about me is I also love art! So naturally I enjoy painting miniatures as well." - Cece


"I have been the store manager at The Hidden Lair for the last 2 years. My favorite part of working here is the customers. I am always around to help our customers and am always up for a friendly conversation. When I am not working at the Lair, I enjoy painting miniatures and singing karaoke!" - Doran


"I’m the head of shipping for The Hidden Lair. I’ve been working there for roughly five years, and it’s been a blast! One of my favorite parts of working here is getting sneak peaks of new products we get in, and being able to hang out after work and get a few games in with friends. I’m an avid player of Magic the Gathering, but I will admit Warhammer 40K is a close second. I am never one to turn down a good board game, and you might even find me playing one from our demo shelves at the shop from time to time! I have always found tabletop gaming exciting and fun, and I hope to one day run my own gaming and hobby shop with a great atmosphere just like The Hidden Lair." -Alex


"I've been working at The Hidden Lair for almost a year now as Wholesale Shipping Lead. I mostly handle the shipping side of the store, but can occasionally be found at the counter helping customers make a decision on a new game. My favorite game is Warhammer 40k. A sci-fi tabletop wargame allowing players to build armies, strategically deploy against each other, and finally blast toy soldiers off the board. Coincidentally, one of my favorite things about working at the lair is getting to see all the new games (a miniatures) as they arrive. Getting to discuss games and strategies with customers and coworkers is a huge plus over previous jobs. I also dabble in laser etching, 3D modeling, and 3D printing in FDM and SLA." - Brandon


"I work as a cashier on the weekends. I've been working here since September! My favorite part about working here is learning to play new games! My favorite game is Castle. I have my black belt in Tae Kwon Do, have 2 cats, and a little boy on the way" - Erin


I am a clerk for The Hidden Lair. I have been working here for 21 days and counting. A thing I enjoy about the hidden lair is all the sweat biomass I can obtain with my Tyranid army in Warhammer 40k. Also, I am an Eagle Scout. I hope to see you soon!
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