Critical Mass: Patriot vs. Iron Curtain AWG DTE05CM1

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The simultaneous action mech-on-mech combat game!

The war lasted one hour and forty-five minutes. No one remembers who fired first, but the outcome was worse than even the starkest of projections imagined. The simultaneous detonation of so many weapons attacked the planet on a sub-atomic level, scouring the atmosphere, boiling the seas, and turning forests to ash. To operate, and survive, in this new, hostile environment, powerful walking war-machines were

Feast your eyes! One hundred tons of iron and steel fresh from the Detroit Autofacts. The Patriot.

Your Mech is represented by a Mech board and its own deck of Combat Cards. The Mech board is the control station for your chosen Mech. On the back of each Mech board is a list of all of your Mech’s cards, and where each card starts during the game.

Every Mech has four Critical Components displayed at the top of the Mech board. If all four of your Critical Components are destroyed, you lose the game. Fortunately, your Critical Components are protected by tough Armor Plates represented by cubes that are placed in slots near each Critical Component. Each plate has a durability that must be met (or exceeded) by weapon damage to destroy it.

Players: 2
Time: 30 Minutes
Ages: 14+


  • 2 Mech Cockpit Boards
  • 78 Total Cards:
  • 11 Patriot Cards
  • 12 Iron Curtain Cards
  • 49 Customization Cards
  • 6 Targeting Cards
  • 37 Silver Cubes
  • 4 Green Cubes
  • 1 Rulebook


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