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A Warlock and Warlord enter the Arena!

We turn our eyes North toward the Anvil Throne Mountains where the Dwarves are locked in conflict with Adramelech’s Warlocks. There is a power deep in the mountains that neither wants to relinquish. The Dwarven advances in metallurgy and engineering are known and renowned throughout Etheria, especially Harshforge iron, that resists magic. These wonders have captured the eye of Adramelech, and the Lord of Flame’s covetous gaze is fixed upon the Anvil Throne. Now the future of Etheria rests in the Dwarves’ precious ores.

The Lord of Flame grants his chosen Warlocks a portion of his mastery over flames. They crave incineration and long for the day that all Etheria lies in ashes. All curses are deadly in the hands of a Warlock. Through Adramelech’s tutelage, curses make foes more susceptible to fire. Enemy creatures gain the Flame +1 trait if they have one or more revealed curse enchantments you control attached to them

The Dwarven Warlords of the Anvil Throne Mountains are master smiths as well as master tacticians.The Anvil Throne Dwarves are master forge smiths and the Warlord brings this craft into the arena through Runesmithing. The Warlord has 5 special Rune markers. When an equipment comes into play attached to this Mage, he may pay 1 mana to assign one Rune to it. Each Rune may only be assigned once per game, and each equipment can only have one Rune assigned to it. Each Rune imbues a special power to the equipment object it is assigned to!

Players: 2
Time: 60-90 Minutes
Ages: 14+


  • 2 Alternate Mages: Warlock and Warlord
  • 2 Mage Cards & 2 Ability Cards
  • 158 Spell Cards
  • 22 Punch Markers
  • Rulebook


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