Griffon's Saddlebag (5E): Vol. 4 HPP D024

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HPP D024
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The Deck of Many and The Griffon’s Saddlebag produce yet another 50 illustrated cards from the Saddlebag’s collection of exciting new items for your favorite 5e campaigns. These flavorful and game-ready weapons and items are a perfect addition to any and all adventuring party’s potential loot.



  • Bath Potion
  • Companion’s Band
  • Dryadleaf
  • Firecracker Crystals
  • Grass Carpet
  • Seat Belt
  • Snugglebeast
  • Uorik the Conqueror’s Juice Cup
  • Vox Helm


  • Amulet of Equilibrium
  • Battle Tax
  • Boots of the Cloud Jumper
  • Dragon’s Call
  • Ear Cuff of the Vampire Bat
  • Frefil’s Tiny Tasty Tongue Twisty Sugarbombs
  • Inferno Rope
  • Liar’s Lyre
  • Otyugh Cloak
  • Petal Dancer Ward
  • Relentless Bulwark
  • Ring of Seething
  • Shielded Turtle Sugarbombs
  • Snugglebeast


  • Aegis of Radiance
  • Battlebrew Maul
  • Brooch of Many Sizes
  • Festerwood Claymore
  • Greaves of Dendallen
  • Helmsman’s Shelter
  • Knight’s Standard of Virtue
  • Leeching Quarterstaff
  • Mageplate Cap
  • Mirrorlight Edge
  • Monocle of Clarity
  • Signet Rings of Blindness, Deafness, and Silence
  • Sling of the Tiny Giant
  • Staff of the Mirage
  • Shadowsmoke Dragon Pipe
  • Snugglebeast
  • Sword of Resonance
  • Volcanic Boots
  • Volt Gauntlets
  • Wooden Chain of the Unbroken Circle

Very rare

  • Arcanist’s Bowstaff
  • Brambleheart Quiver
  • Circlet of the Huntsman’s Third Eye
  • Cratering Quarterstaff
  • Festerwood Fungal Staff
  • Harp of Valor
  • Purging Dagger
  • Snugglebeast


  • Purity Spear
  • Thornpiercer
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