Paranormal Detectives LKY PAR-R01-EN

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Paranormal Detectives is a deduction party game. One player takes the role of a Ghost. All other players work as Paranormal Detectives and need to discover how the victim died. Play competitively or cooperatively!


  • 1 Game board
  • 35 Interaction cards
  • 3 Ghost Interaction boards
  • 17 Tarot cards
  • 28 Story cards
  • 5 Detective screens
  • 5 Investigation sheets
  • 1 Ghost sheet
  • 1 Quill Pen sheet
  • 6 Erasable markers
  • 2 Hangman's Knots shapeable rope
  • 5 Talking Board Markers
  • 10 Wound Markers
  • 3 Ghost Meter Markers


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