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Conquest, First Blood Softcover Rulebook V 1.5 (PBW8018) LTG CONQ-12942

LTG CONQ-12942
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Conquest fans - we have exciting news! First Blood 2.0, our update of the game which is a complete re-thinking of the way one plays with smaller army games, will launch in July. In the meantime, please enjoy these collector's items at a discount.

“Conquest: First Blood” is a fast-paced Wargame of thrilling Skirmish battles, set in the world of Conquest and designed to provide to the players the opportunity to experience a different type of Conquest combat, but still play a Conquest battle. After all, an entire war can be decided in a single skirmish…144 page softcover rule book is the same version that is available on our website, with the complete graphics and artistry fans love in a high quality print.

A5 76 page fully illustrated and color rulebook.

Available in 6 languages for the initial print run, please select accordingly below.

Version 1.5 is a major rules polishing and bug fixing update. Special rules and Draw Events have been optimized with the Special Rule X allowing us to better tailor universal special rules to each individual Regiment e.g. Terrifying X, Fury X etc. Another major update is the way Decay is being resolved, being changed from a Draw Event to a Special Rule! Impact attacks and Obscuration were reworked so as to inflict a higher number of Attacks whilst the Inspired Action was rebalanced. Finally a great ton of polishing has been done, adding clarity to previous hard to interpret rules as well as standardized language to make reading and interpreting said rules easier.


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