Mars Attacks: Novas Vira Militia MGE MGMA18-1

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Novas Vira are humanity’s greatest hope – with access to special weaponry and elite training, these guys have been guided by a mysterious benefactor to prepare humanity in secret for the alien invasion.

They represent some of the most amazing fighters that humanity has produced and they’re here to defend Greenville and push back the Martian invaders. Once they gain a foothold here, they intend to send the Martians packing, joining pockets of resistance all over the planet in defending their world against the things that are coming after them from space.

The Novas Vira Militia pack includes:

  • 1 Agent Jack Falco
  • 1 Agent Natalya El
  • 1 Sonic Distruptor with crew
  • 1 Heavy Weapons Team
  • 4 Novas Vira Militia

The Novas Vira Militia just reek of awesome special character rules and cool weapons! They really give humanity a little bit more flavour and depth. Agent Jack Falco and Natalya El really contrast the common theme through humanity as they are outfitted in a more futuristic approach, making them appear to be a technological equal to the Martians – Humanities greatest defenders. What really catches my eye though, is the individuality and character of all the other models. From the shotgun wielding “famous 80’s robot from the future with an Austrian accent who shall not be named” model to the comical sonic disruptor model with bearded crew member, all of the models bring their own unique role to the table. Something I’m really looking to using in Deadzone!

Models supplied unpainted.


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