Cypher System: Character Portfolio MKG 215

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MKG 215
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A lot can happen in a campaign. Your character is more than a collection of numbers they have a story to tell, details to record, and friends (and adversaries!) to note.

The Cypher System Character Portfolio does the job of a standard character sheet, and so much more. At 24 pages, it records all your character’s pools, abilities, skills, Cyphers, and everything else you find on a regular character sheet. But it also gives you room for notes, sketches, character arcs, and details about those abilities. Jot down thoughts about your character’s appearance and mannerisms. There’s plenty of room for details about connections to the other PCs in your party along with people, creatures, objects, and locations you meet in your adventures. Keep a campaign journal, or make maps and sketches of places you’ve been.

The Cypher System Character Portfolio is perfectly sized to give you plenty of space within, but without taking up too much space on the gaming table. It’s printed in full color on heavy matte paper that takes pencil and eraser easily. Even the cover is easy to write and draw on, making every player’s Character Portfolio unique from the outside in.


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