The Dark Eye: Aventuria - The Warring Kingdoms Map Set PZO ULIUS25516E

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The grudge between the Warring Kingdoms of Nostria and Andergast has smoldered for almost two millennia. This map set brings these two highly-charged kingdoms to your gaming table in a big way, both as references for the GM and as handouts for the players.

This companion to the Warring Kingdoms sourcebook takes a closer look at Nostria and Andergast. Maps include an overview of geographical regions, a political map, and an atmospheric, in-game map of the Warring Kingdoms drawn by an Aventurian cartographer.

All maps are printed on high quality paper and (except for the in-game map) laminated as well. This set includes a bonus double-sided poster with images from the Warring Kingdoms sourcebook.

The Warring Kingdoms Map Set includes the following items:

  • A detailed map of the Warring Kingdoms
  • An in-game map of the Warring Kingdoms
  • An overview map of the geographical regions of the Warring Kingdoms
  • A political map of the Warring Kingdoms
  • Detailed city maps of Andergast, Joborn, Nostria, Salta & Salterhaven, and Teshkal, as well as Elderdonk, a typical forest village


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