Disney Villainous: The Worst Takes It All RVN 60001739

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RVN 60001739
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Be a Villain… Defeat the Heroes… Enact your Evil Scheme!

In this epic contest of sinister power, Take on the role of a Disney villain and strive to achieve your own devious objective. Discover your character's unique abilities and winning strategy while dealing twists of fate to thwart your opponents’ schemes. Find out who will triumph over the forces of good and win it all. Disney villainous is a fun board game for families with kids age 10 and up and is also perfect for more serious board gamers. It makes a great gift for Disney lovers and is a toy of the year finalist for 2019.

Playing as favorite evildoers like Maleficent, Ursula, and Captain Hook, players will take on the role of the Disney villain and methodically plan their schemes in the path of their Disney villain to achieve their goal before others. Set traps, handle curses, take advantage of your allies, and most importantly, be cunning!

  • Player Interaction: While the villains play within their own story, the interaction occurs throughout the Fate Action. Using the cover of fate, players can prevent their opponents from reaching their objectives.
  • Contributes to a Wide Range of Skill Levels: Familiar and well-loved characters, along with the mid-level strategy, make this an accessible game for a wide range of skill levels.
  • Replayability: Once you have mastered the strategy of one Villain, try to dominate the other five. Numerous combinations of villains playing together make each time a different gaming experience.

  • 6 Boards
  • 6 Villain Movers
  • 180 Villain Cards
  • 90 Fate Cards
  • 84 Tokens
  • 6 Reference Cards
  • 6 Villain Guides
  • Instructions

Players: 2-4
Ages: 12+


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