2014 Commander Decks at The Hidden Lair

You think you know Magic the Gathering? You think yourself a master of cards? Think again.


Commander-style play offers a whole new way of playing the game. 100 card decks, no two of any single card save for basic land, and a Commander card – usually, but not always, a Planeswalker – set on the field and ready to go from the first turn. Sound interesting?

The Hidden Lair has the 2014 Commander Decks in stock and we have already taken a look through them so showcase what each of them offers.

What sort of play style are you into?

Do you want to destroy your opponents quick? Check out Built from Scratch.

Do you want fast mana to throw out the big guns early and often? Check out Guided by Nature.

Do you want to unleash the wrath of both heaven and earth, playing the game of both savior and destroyer? Check out Forged in Stone.

Are you wanting to control the graveyard, keeping your creatures out of it and putting the enemy’s in it? Check out Sworn to Darkness.

Or maybe, just maybe, you are like me and want to keep your options open. If so, then check out Peer Through Time.

Remember to come in every Friday for Friday Night Magic and you chance to earn the title of Champion of the Lair. Also be sure to put in your vote for Vote for your Favorite Teacher. Voting ends February 1st.

You can also see more of what I think about Commander-style play over at Gamemaster’s Gametable.

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