Friday Night Magic The Gathering commonly known as FNM

Magic the Gathering has been around since the early 90’s. Derrick Lee Bradshaw, Sr. CEO of Bradshaw Consulting, Inc. met Mr. Garfield during a demo presentation of the game during its beta stage. At this time Derrick’s gaming store was located in Kings Plaza at the corner of 121 and Lost Bridge Road. During the Decatur Celebration in 1994, Derrick setup tables inside the Decatur Civic Center and hosted a Magic The Gathering training session. Magic has come a long way since then with organized play happening every Friday night all over the world. Just use the hash-tag #fnm and you will see how wide spread this game has become. One of the things decided by The Hidden Lair was that Magic The Gathering, the traditional play that so many Magic players have grown to love, would get revitalized in this new space. The gaming shop can seat 20 people comfortably and has the ability to seat 10 more by bringing in a couple of extra tables. I asked Derrick if he could accommodate more than 30 players and he just smiled at me. “If we are blessed enough to have such growth, we have contingency plans ready to put in motion to keep our store comfortable and have enough room for everyone. I have been a part of this gaming community since I was about 13 and I understand the need to have a place like The Hidden Lair. I contribute my love for these games heavily to my growth as a person.”, said Derrick Bradshaw when I met with him up this morning. I tried to find out how many years ago he was 13 and I just got a grin.

The Hidden Lair is kicking off the holiday season by giving 3 total packs per participant as prize support for Friday Night Magic, or FNM. The standard for this kind of event is 1.5 packs per person. “We have several new players getting into the game and I feel the extra packs will help those players increase their collections,” he said. One pack will be given to each participating player and the rest will be split up between the top 4 places. A Swiss bracket is used to get a score over several rounds. After these rounds are complete, a top bracket is created and those players compete for the top spots. One pack of Boosters is valued at $3.99 so the combined value per player as prize support is $11.97. So Decatur gamers, feel free to contact our store with any questions! Andy would be happy to help, 217 864 1851.

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