Pokemon is Here to Stay


Well ladies and gentleman its official Pokemon Is a Thing! at The Hidden Lair. Now I know what you are thinking “who plays Pokemon?” Let me answer that for you we do. This game is so simple anyone can play it. You simply draw cards and play Pokemon. The object of the game is to take your 6 prize cards before your opponent, or knock out all of your opponents Pokemon. We have had 2 tournaments now and it is apparent that we will be playing this game for awhile at the Lair.



Formerly made by Wizards of the Coast Pokemon is now made by Pokemon USA and is completely separate from Wizards now. Pokemon USA has taken the game to new heights the introduction of EX and Mega Evolution’s to the TCG has made the game faster and much more exciting. For example Charizard, everyone knows Charizard, under ideal circumstances would take 3 turns to get out. Now with Charizard EX you can play it as a basic making the very powerful Fire/Flying type easier to use and more effective.



Now you're asking yourself “why doesn’t every use EX’s?” well when you knock out an EX you take 2 prizes instead of the usual 1 and with only 6 prizes to take taking 2 at a time will speed the game up significantly. That being said they are not necessary to play the game in fact playing with non EX Pokemon is a way to slow down the faster EX decks and is a very legitimate strategy to use.



All and all the Pokemon TCG is a great game for all ages its simple enough for the kids to understand yet has complex strategy’s for the long time card player to develop and use. I’ll be the first to admit I was hesitant at first but now Pokemon is rapidly becoming one of my favorite games to play and the excitement of opening boosters for this game is amazing.



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