Yu-Gi-Oh! New October 2014 Format


September 19th, 2014 Yu-Gi-Oh! players around the world were awaiting their TCG Forbidden/ Limited List (A.K.A. The “Ban” List) for October 1st – December 31st , we normally get the list 2 weeks before it is legal so we as players have time to test the new list before any big event. Let’s start off by describing to those who may not know what this list is for or what some of the terms mean. Forbidden cards: Cards that are too powerful and cannot be played because they hold an unfair advantage. Limited cards: cards that are limited to 1 copy per deck because they are powerful but may be necessary to a particular decks strategy. Semi-Limited: Cards that are limited to 2 copies per deck. Lastly, Unlimited: these are cards that have been removed from another area on the list to allow 3 copies per deck.
Speculations of Soul Charge being banned, Vanity’s Emptiness going to 1, Artifacts and the infamous Hands going to 2, Infernities being smashed in the face by the “ban hammer”, Shaddolls being fiddled with because of the OCG list, and our favorite.. Which forbidden card was coming back to one!? The night went on and everyone was reloading the page over and over and still no results! Saturday andSunday passed and still nothing, we were sure to get it Monday! Monday morning: Nothing.. That’s when it started.. Players began E-Mailing Konami and asking where their list was.. Konami then made an announcement: “We are having technical difficulties”. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN!? They set the date to Wednesday the 24th. So we waited.. Again.. Wednesday morning: Nothing!
We were not pleased. It begins to get even worse.. Players began calling Konami and Demanding the list!!! Wednesday Night: Nothing.. Then.. Thursday morning around 9:45 am.. WE GOT THE LIST!!! No let’s get to it! Newly Forbidden cards: Nothing! Now this is exciting! Nothing was unfairly Forbidden and this pleases me! Newly Limited cards:
Infernity Archfiend (after worlds this was expected), Soul Charge ( this was wanted by many players)
Super Polymerization ( this card is way too powerful and with the new set coming out soon, it had to happen)
Glow-Up Bulb (No one saw this coming!!!)
Raigeki!!! (This was the biggest surprise!).
Blackwing – Gale The Whirlwind (not much of an impact to the meta-game but a nice additive to Blackwings)
Gorz The Emissary of Darkness
Transmigration Prophecy
Coach Soldier Wolfbark
Magician Of Faith
Folmula Synchron
Reinforcement of the Army (this was probably done to support the new Noble Knights and Satellarknights).
Well folks that’s our new list. My opinions? Fire Fists will see some play but the deck  isn’t fast enought for the meta and I’m not too sure if it can keep up. The Junk/Plant engine will be splashed.. A lot. Infernities are dead. Raigeki will be everywhere and over-priced. Magician of Faith still sucks. All in all, this is a great list and it will be a fun format!

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