December Kaijudo Duel Days in Decatur, IL


Duel Days is similar to Friday Night Magic in that it is a structured event played once a week where players duel for top positions to receive prizes. Once a store has reached core level status they receive special promotional cards to give out to the participants in the event. The Hidden Lair has received its December promotional cards for Kaijudo and will be handing them out this Saturday. See store for details. 

The promotional card this month is a Green/White combination that is very powerful. It uses the evolution ability and only needs 3 mana of either green or white to bring out. The stores Kaijudo tournaments are held every Saturday at 11am. For $10.00 you can enter a tournament and have lunch! Everyone receives cards as well. Never played? Newcomers receive a free starter deck and we will teach you to play! The store also carries Kaijudo decks in the demo section

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