Free RPG Day!!! June 21, 2014 Decatur, IL


Free RPG Day! Just like Free Comics Day but with Games!! This is also an annual event similar to Table Top Day! On June 21st, The Hidden Lair will be hosting their first Free RPG Day by running D-N-D and Pathfinder Sessions, as well as Role Playing Board Game Classics such as Betrayal at House on the Hill and Heroquest. Below you will find a list of just some of the swag we will be giving out that day, while supplies last. We are also celebrating by raffling off items all day! RPG Day started 8 years ago, and was, at first, a reason for stores to Host D-N-D at prime-time on Saturday night. This day has since evolved into a way for stores to expose their players to more RPGs, and pay homage to the Tabletops of Old. We all know that without those games, gaming as we know it would be very different. Come by on June 21 and celebrate with us!

 Swag and Raffle Items

  • Paizo Platinum Pathfinder Adventure “Risen from the Sands”
  • Paizo Platinum Pathfinder Adventure Card Game 4-Pack
  • Catalyst Game Labs Cosmic Patrol Quickstart
  • Goodman Games DCC RPG Adventure
  • Catalyst Game Labs Shadowrun/A Time of War Quickstart Flipbook
  • Q Workshop Modern FUDGE Dice
  • Catalyst Game Labs Valiant Universe RPG QuickStart
  • Chessex Commemerative Dice
  • Lamentations of the Flame Princess RPG Quickstart: “The Doom Cave of the Crystal-Headed Children”
  • Onyx Path Publishing Mage20 Quickstart
  • Pelgrane Press 13th Age Adventure
  • Atherton Haight Adventure Book Sampler: “Time Travel Dinosaur”
  • Troll Lord Games Castles & Crusades Adventure
  • Blue Panther Unique Dice Tower
  • Boothroyd & Allnut Godsfall RPG Quickstart
  • Off World Designs Free RPG Day Employee T-Shirt (XL)
  • Break From Reality Games GripMat, 8″x8″ Sampler

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