June 2014 Kaijudo Duel Days in Decatur, IL


Are you ready for the next Duel Day Promo Swarming Rapids Lurker. A Five cost Evolution creature that can go on any Water Creature, making it a 6000 Blocker with Double Breaker and Unleash. Unleash allows you to remove a card from under this card and this card get +5000 and is unblockable this turn. Talk about good! We receive these cards at the same time we get the Friday Night Magic promos, and will give them to players competing in the weekly tournament for Kaijudo. Our tournaments are being held every Saturday at 11:00 A.M. The total prize pool is 1.5 packs per person. This means not only does each player get a pack, but half a pack per person is used to provide prizes for those that make it to the final rounds of the tournament! This creates an environment where players can be competitive, but nobody go away empty handed. The event lasts until around 2:00pm, and includes lunch. So, if you are interested in hours of entertainment, lunch, and time to hang out with friends, contact our store for details! Call Andy 217 864 1851

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