The Lair’s Limited Gauntlet


Calling all M:TG fans out there! The Hidden Lair came across a case of Khans pre-release kits and we are looking to put them to use!!


 We are looking for 32 ambitious players that are up for the challenge. This event will actually be a series of 3 events spread throughout Saturday, December 6th, starting at 11:00am.

The first challenge will be a sealed event with everyone taking a Khans kit, making their deck, and competing in a 5 round Swiss event. At its conclusion, the top 16 will advance to a draft round with the seating will be determined by standing of the first event.

The second event will be drafting 2 Return to Ravnica and 1 Conspiracy packs in another 4 round Swiss event. At its conclusion, the top 8 will advance to the Champion Round.

The Champion round will draft 2 Innistrad Packs – that’s right, Innistrad Packs – and another non-Innistrad of their choice.

The winner of this round will earn the much-coveted title of Champion of the Lair and win the allotted prize.

The kits are first come/first serve and we will begin taking reservations starting next week. We have at least 4 of all the kits and those numbers will be posted also over the weekend. We will only be taking 32 players and the spots will go fast, so once registration is open you need to get your spot. If you cant get into the event, don’t worry, we will be running Drafts all day.

Cost of the Event is $35 and payment is required before you may select your kit. There will be payouts for each bracket which will be announced shortly. For more information, be sure to join our Facebook Event Group.


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