Your Guide to Gamer Etiquette


Growing up we are all nagged to “have good manners”. It is ingrained into our brains from the time we can speak. There are different sets of manners for every situation. The set of manners we are going to talk about today is gamer etiquette. Gaming is a naturally competitive pastime that can be a lot of fun! We have all experienced fellow gamers who ruin the fun with a bad attitude, constant teasing, or being a sore loser. It’s not fun and it really takes away from the experience the game offers. Sadly, it is very easy to cross the bridge from fun and competitive to aggressive or hostile. That is why it is important to be aware of gamer etiquette and the atmosphere you are setting every time you play. 

The first rule of gaming, without a doubt, is that all players agree not to cheat. Whether this is a spoken or unspoken agreement, it is undoubtedly very important. No one wants to be taken advantage of while trying to do something they enjoy. Play the game by the rules and keep the sneaky stuff off the table.

Along with avoiding shifty behavior, it is wise to also be kind and courteous to those around you. A game is meant to be fun, not a cross between a MMA fight and a screaming match. Trash talk is very common. However, by keeping the diggs at your opponents to a minimum, and leaving their mom out of the conversation, you can avoid being the “jerk” of the group.. All in all,  it is not hard to be a good teammate or opponent. Just have common courtesy and play not only to win, but to have fun as well! 

Punctuality is actually a REALLY big deal when it comes to having proper gaming etiquette. Always respect the set time/date your group decides to play and show up on time! If you are unable to keep the time commitment you made with the group, let them know. Nothing is more frustrating to your group than when you disregard set playing times! Communication is key. Obviously, emergencies do happen and those situations do not play into effect here. But if you are ditching out on your gaming group at the last minute because you found something better to occupy your time, odds are your group will stop inviting you at some point. 

Along with being punctual to your gaming events, try to keep the screen time to a minimum. Every group of gamers have different expectations, but be polite and try to avoid being nose deep in your phone in between each one of your turns. 

Another big aspect of gamer etiquette is being a good loser. No one likes to be on the losing team but unfortunately sometimes that happens. When you are faced with losing or quitting, choose losing! It is simply good sportsmanship. Make the game fun despite your unsuccessful attempts to win. Being a sore loser ruins the fun of those around you, so try to be cautious of your complaining and finger pointing when the game goes south for you and your team. 

Another way to be a stand up member of the gaming community is to always help the new players out! Try to avoid the mentality of “he's the new guy, I don't want him on my team.” But instead help the new player out”! Teach them tricks on how to get better at the game! Not only will doing this help out a fellow player, but you might make a new friend in the process. 

By improving your gamer etiquette, you will improve the experience of the game for all those playing with you! I believe with a little practice, you too can be a stand up member of the gaming community and have a lot of fun doing it! 

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