Pokémon Champion of the Lair Adam Dunn

Late Wednesday night on July 9th, the first of soon to be many Pokemon Tournaments was held. Being a unsanctioned tournament standard tournament rules did not apply. Everyone came prepared with their versions of decks rumored and official meta decks. Team Plasma decks (w/ Lugia EX and Deoxys EX…etc), the strong Pyroar deck and many others to be named came to the Lair for an all out Pokemon-fest!


One player managed to stay on top all night with his Mega Kanagaskhan/Aromatisse, Adam Dunn. With Aromatisse, he could move his Fairy and Rainbow Energies all across the board. Keeping Kangaskhan in front to take all of the blows and healing every bit of damage that she had taken by using the Aromatisse/Max Potion combo. Previous Champion of the Lair, Andrew Tempel said “I can’t get past that Mega Kangaskhan!”, while doing tons of damage using his Team Plasma Lugia EX. Andrew and Adam met back up after the top 4 at the finals seat. After a tough battle of Colress Machines and Max Potions, Adam squeezed the win out of the first unsanctioned Pokemon Tournament. Congratulations to Adam on becoming a Champion of the Lair!

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