Yu-Gi-Oh! Champion of the Lair – Akeem Abdullah

After a long day of duking it out, Akeem made his way into the finals. He fought his way through trials and tribulations on Sunday…butting heads against some of the most Meta decks in the game, Burning Abyss, FAT and even the dreaded Mirror Match. Making his way to the finals he fought against Kyle Haley and his FAT Deck (Fire Fist, Artifacts and Traptrix). What deck did he use to fight his way to the top?? None other than newest archetype out of Duelist Alliance, Yang Zing!

It was a long battle because Kyle, with his love for plussing, had a response to quite a bit of Akeem’s actions. But who can win when you have Bixi, Water of the Yang Zing and Skill Drain on the field? Basically Akeem was able to say, “All of my effects are graveyard effects and you are only effected by Skill Drain. Why? Because Bixi makes my Synchro’d monsters unaffected by trap cards.” That means Goyo Guardian, Leo, the Keeper of the Sacred Tree or Baxia, Brightness of the Yang Zing, and all of those traps you had set up are useless. Also, with Yang Zing Path and Yang Zing Creation the amount of monsters coming out of the deck is seemingly never ending.

Kyle fought with all of his might but Akeem’s Yang Zing deck proved their strength. Just wait until next set for the release of Yazi, Wickedness of the Yang Zing and Taotie, Shadow of the Yang Zing. This deck is just going to get better!

Congratulations to Akeem Abdullah for becoming a Champion of the Lair!

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