Out of The Doghouse and Into the Fire


Cryptocurrency. Such an interesting topic! There is burning and dogs, but not Fido, your neighbor's yappy pup. Cryptocurrency is digital currency that is used as a form of exchange. Essentially, it is an alternative to carrying around cash or a credit card.  In 2009 the first cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) was invented, and since then the cryptocurrency market has evolved and then some. Cryptocurrency was invented with the purpose of putting the power back into the beholder's hands. Since the currency is all digital the government does not distribute it, therefore it is essentially resistant to government intervention and manipulation. Now, you might be asking yourself this all sounds fantastic but, what can I buy with cryptocurrency? Well, with  cryptocurrency you can buy home goods, real estate, cars, even caskets… the possibilities are endless! 

One form of cryptocurrency that is growing rapidly in popularity and value is the Shiba Inu. Shiba is a relatively newer form of currency developed in  August of 2020, by the person or group named Ryoshi. Shiba is a Ethereum based altcoin that features the Shiba Inu - a known Japanese hunting dog. Shiba Inu was formed based on the question “ what would happen if a crypto project was run 100% by its community?” Over the last few years Shiba’s following has become 500,000 strong. Shiba started from nothing, in the spirit of making something from nothing. Not only is a Shiba a cute dog but also a growing force in the cryptocurrency world working its way up into the top 10 cryptocurrencies used today. 

Currently Shiba Inu. is going through a “burn.'' No, it's not literally on fire, but the value of Shiba is skyrocketing due to the burn. A burn in the cryptocurrency world is when certain amounts of the available cryptocurrency are put into a virtual wallet that no one can access, therefore taking it out of circulation completely and making it permanently unspendable. By burning the currency, the value of the remaining currency rises drastically. Shiba Inu’s burn started in October of 2021 and the price of Shiba has gone up drastically since. Shiba is aiming to get their price up to $1 per coin, at the time this article was written  1 Shiba coin could be bought with 0.000049 US dollars. That does not seem like much, but by contributing to the Shiba burn that number is very likely to rise!

The Hidden Lair  in Mt Zion IL contributes 10% of all their sales to buying and burning Shiba Inu. In case you have not heard about this treasure of a store, we sell a variety of products ranging from board games, to card sets, to role playing games, and also paint sets. Help us contribute to the Shiba burn and visit us online at https://thehiddenlair.com/  or, if you are local stop in and say hey!

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