AK-Interactive Diorama Series Review

AK- Interactive is a well known Spanish company that produces many successful series of products for modelers. Overtime AK has become well known for their wide range of paints, brushes, weathering products and effects. A great part of painting with AK-Interactive products is that you are able to buy and use high quality products without demolishing your budget!
I recently dipped my brushes into some of AK- Interactive’s new Diorama Series, and these are my thoughts.


Water Gel Transparent:

This gel is used to replicate transparent water, it is made to give the appearance of moving or shallow water. It was very easy to use, and quite realistic looking. This product really brings your model to life! This product’s drying time does vary depending on how much you use. I like that I can thin this product out with water, or acrylic thinner to improve its flow. When dried it really does look like water, almost good enough to drink! (We strongly advise against drinking this product)

Terrains Dry Ground:

This paint is the PERFECT way to mimic dry soil, or any natural dirt surface. Once I applied the paint to my liking, I took it one step further and added track marks into the dirt.  I did this by using a tire of a small toy car and gently rolling it across my painted base. I was astonished with how life like this turned out to be!  This product does take around 24 hours to dry, and results are outstanding whether you use thick or thin paint layers! 


Terrains Sandy Desert: 

I feel like I need to shake the sand out of my shoes just looking at this product when it dries!! It gives amazingly realistic dessert vibes! It is a little bit of a redder and thicker product, but it works great.  It gives off Tatooine vibes from Star Wars! It would definitely be perfect if you wanted to model a clan of Tusken Raiders! Since this product is a little thicker, you can use water or an acrylic thinner to make it a looser consistency.  



I tried just a couple of these new Diorama Series paints, and I can say overall I am very happy with the usability of these products! They are made to look hyper-realistic, and I have gotten that impression with all of my trials. I will definitely be making a switch to this line of paint in place of others that I have used over the years. These paints are very easy, no stress, and have provided amazing results!


Price is very important, especially when it comes to paints. You know how it works, you knock over your paint, spill half and the rest dries up. No one wants to spend copious amounts of money buying/replacing their paints.  I am quite pleased with the price of the Diorama Series, the paints typically range from $10 - $17 and I feel like they could be a lot more expensive since they’re so high quality. As a hobby painter I am very comfortable with these prices because you are getting what you pay for! 

 Where to Buy:

You can buy these products straight from The Hidden Lair Website! Happy Painting! 


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