Warhammer - Largest Collection in Illinois


At The Hidden Lair resides one of the largest collections of Warhammer in Illinois. The store carries approximately the entire line of this tabletop game. Developed in 1983, ‘Warhammer Fantasy Battles’ was born by the company Games Workshop. 39 years later, it has now developed into one of the most discernible franchises in the industry. The Warhammer universe has since branched into both science fiction and fantasy universes. With many different armies to choose from, you are guaranteed to find something that speaks to you. 

How do you engage?

If you want to get started playing this multi-million dollar cultural icon, you can start with a starter kit. This will come with the rule book and figures, unassembled and unpainted. Part of the hobby is getting to be creative with painting and assembling your figures! Once you have decided to step in deeper into this game, you can decide what army you would like to build. At The Hidden Lair you can pick up the Aeldari. This faction has just  been updated with newly released models. The Aeldari should not be dealt with lightly. They are strong and cannot be ignored. The Aeldari command psychic powers due to the potent heroes that they work with. You can dive a lot deeper into this topic, but know that this could be a great army to assemble. Also at The Hidden Lair, the Tyranids are coming out soon! These are unlike any other brilliant species. Known to be unstoppable, anything that lives is just prey to these ultimate predators. They are a great place to start collecting.

Starting Your Game

Once you have amassed your army you and other players may engage in open battle on the table top. Ranging from small boards to entire tables you are able to play out battles while overcoming and using different terrain pieces to your advantage. Each model also has its own unique ability. At The Hidden Lair, we have multiple gaming opportunities. Once you design your army, you need to find people to play with. If you follow us on Facebook @thehiddenlair, you’ll find dates for tournaments and game nights! 

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