The Largest RPG Book Collection in Illinois


Many of us have played board games and have also used the manuals that come with board games throughout our life. When you think of board games you often think of family game night, paper money, and endless fun. But did you know that there is a whole other way to play fun games with family and friends. Have you ever heard of a  Role Playing Game Book? Also known as a RPG Book. To put it simply, this book is a complex board game manual. At The Hidden Lair, the collection is large. In fact, it has one of the largest collections of RPG Books in Illinois! You can play RPGs virtually, but playing the game with the  RPG book is a whole different kind of fun. Did you know first RPG book was Dungeons and Dragons? Now, there are many more Role Playing Game Book’s on the market today! 

The Idea

What is the point of an RPG Book? Basically, it is a guidebook for a game of fantasy and creativity.  To play a simple RPG game all you need is the book, a pencil and a dice! One of the first things you will do in a RPG game is create your character. As the Game Master reads  the book you will face adventure, combat, and put your characters skills to the test and much much more! Each player has a role to play throughout the game. The game master or moderator helps keep the game going by running the world, and non-player characters that are written in the book. They are in charge of organizing the game, keeping the rules, and moderating between players. 

Collection at The Hidden Lair Featuring Palladium Book Series

While The Hidden Lair does have one of the largest collection in Illinois, where do you start? The Palladium book series is very popular! There are many RPG books in this collection. “The Mechanoid Invasion Trilogy” could be the perfect RPG Book for you. Founded in 1981,  this RPG book is the original three books collected into one volume! This contains all the material that appeared in the original three books plus some background history. This is the game along with the sourcebooks launched Palladium Books into success. 

Why start with the Palladium RPG Book? One of the pleasant surprises of Palladium games is that once you learn one of the games, you can play any of them. They all use the same basic set of rules and terms throughout the series. If the words magic, weapons, and characters interest you, this could be for you. Try picking up a Role Playing Game Book and see what happens!

Take a break from virtual games and try your hand at RPG books! You will problem solve and have fun with others, but also get lost in imagination.  Nothing beats that face to face interaction that you will have with your friends while laughing, shouting, making jokes, and most importantly, unlocking your powerful imagination. 


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